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Have you ever asked your doctor - or any doctor - which pain reliever or other product they recommend? Then you already understand the value of a pro's opinion. Pro Preferred conducts research with professionals and collects their recommendations and other advice, so you can make more confident decisions, whether it's about hiring a local service company, choosing a restaurant or retailer, or deciding which brand is most recommended by the professionals who use that type of product every day.
Our ratings are usually about brand or manufacturer, not individual products or models. Quality information about individual products can be helpful, although brand is increasingly important and often correlates with product satisfaction better than the individual product choice, especially in categories where things like support, service, warranty and long-term reliability are important. That doesn't mean brand is the only consideration, but it is a great place to start - or finish - when considering a purchase.

Confidence from those who know best

How it works

We connect with professionals around the country to get the best and broadest view. Many of these professionals are among the leaders in their field. We ask them to identify the local and national product, service and retailer choices they recommend for consumer use. We engage a range of experienced professionals to provide a deep and diverse point of view. 

Why Pro Preferred?

Professional are super-users of all kinds of products and services, combining the expertise of a critic or testing lab with the real-world experience of an actual user. And Pro Preferred research provides an aggregated view, rather than one person's opinion or a collection of anecdotes. This is especially important as objective information about brands, service providers and retailers is more important than ever, and as the limitations of other review sources becomes more well known.

What about individual products?